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Other than the brief reign of Land Shark Stadium, the NFL has largely avoided the rash of absurdly named arenas that have plagued other sports like baseball and college basketball (I'm looking at you, KFC Yum! Center.) A new deal to rename the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum is set to change that.

The Oakland-Alameda Coliseum Authority announced a deal to rename the home stadium of the Raiders and A's as Coliseum. The agreement with the Internet retailer will run for six years at a cost of $7.2 million. Coliseum. Overstocked tickets. Yeah, I can see the connection.

Don't get used to the name quite yet, though. Overstock is currently in the process of rebranding itself as and has the right to change the name of the stadium to Coliseum at any time, which will inevitably lead to fledgling "SportsCenter" anchors saying stuff like "Darren McFadden is making his O face."

The whole naming deal may be a gross miscalculation by, as it presupposes that Raiders fans know how to use the Internet and/or have a credit card. (Kidding. The biggest obstacle will be getting past the prison's web filters.)

Overstock boasts that it offers "a wide variety of high-quality, brand-name merchandise at discount prices." That's a good fit with the Raiders, who offer a wide variety of low-quality play at high-end prices.

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