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The New York Jets lead the league in embracing social mediaHere's a great big surprise: The New York Jets organization likes to talk.

The Nielsen people decided to measure what NFL teams make the most out of social media sites -- Twitter, Facebook, various blogs, etc. -- and found that the Jets are pumping out way more content than anyone else.

It makes sense. The Jets are in a city that, from what I understand, is a pretty sizeable media market, and they've also got media-friendly personalities. And if the head coach is setting the tone for the entire franchise, then the organizational philosophy is something like talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, whether anyone is listening to your nonsense or not.

Here's the top five:

1. New York Jets: 11.9 percent share of all NFL-related social media activity
2. Philadelphia Eagles: 8.3 percent
3. New York Giants: 6.0 percent
4. Dallas Cowboys: 5.9 percent
5. New England Patriots: 4.3 percent

Those are all the teams listed. I'd be curious to see how all 32 teams ranked, particularly the bottom five. In related news, I heard the Cincinnati Bengals were thinking about getting a computer, because computers are the future. (I guess Thursday is "Pick on Mike Brown Day". I'm OK with that.)

As far as players go, no word on who's using social media the most, but Reggie Bush(notes) is getting mentioned the most. He was mentioned 194,000 times this offseason, which compares favorably to the 12 or 13 times he'll be mentioned during the regular season.

Gracias, Bob's Blitz.

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