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Sunday’s five most valuable players, Week 9

See Sunday's five least valuable players here.

Aaron Rodgers(notes), Quarterback, Green Bay Packers. Can I tell you the scariest thing about Aaron Rodgers' 21-of-26, 247 yard, four-touchdown, zero-interception game? The Chargers defense played pretty well. They really did. A number of the throws Aaron Rodgers made were throws that just can't be defended. I don't care if Deion Sanders and Darrelle Revis(notes) had a baby that grew up to have eight arms and a jetpack, there's one little spot where a guy can put a football that just can't be defended. Rodgers hit that narrow little spot, with exacting precision, all day long. It felt like he was just showing off.

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Matt Moore(notes), Quarterback, Miami Dolphins. And yet, there was one man with a better quarterback rating than Rodgers' on Sunday. Obviously, that man could only be Matt Moore. Rodgers finished at 145.8, and Moore at 147.5. Moore was getting better than 10 yards per passing attempt against the Chiefs, going 17 of 23 for 244 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. I smell a late-season push for MVP.

Julio Jones(notes), Wide Receiver, Atlanta Falcons. And speaking of highly efficient performances, how does an average of 43.7 yards per catch sound? That's what Julio Jones gave you on Sunday, including this one, which he made diving, likely blindly, in the middle of three Colts "defenders." He later took a quick slant 80 yards to the paint, easily out-sprinting everyone on defense. He carried twice, gaining 33 yards on two end-arounds, and had another catch for 1 yard, because hey, nobody's perfect.

Patrick Peterson(notes), Cornerback, Arizona Cardinals. Are we starting to reach Devin Hester(notes) territory with Peterson, where you just shouldn't kick the ball to the guy, under any circumstances? Because he's going to do something silly like field it at the 1-yard line, and then beat you with a return that doesn't make one damn bit of sense. Hester has got two return touchdowns on the year, and Peterson upped his total to three on Sunday. I'm not saying that puts him on Hester's level, but I don't see why he couldn't be the heir to the return throne.

DeMarco Murray(notes), Running Back, Dallas Cowboys. You know how some people say that a player shouldn't lose his job because of an injury? Those people are wrong, and if Felix Jones(notes) gets another start over DeMarco Murray, everyone in Dallas should be fired. I don't just mean the Cowboys coaching staff, I mean every current citizen of the city of Dallas who is currently employed. Is that a harsh overreaction? Maybe, but I feel strongly about this. I know Murray's not going to average 6.9 yards per carry forever, but he's been such a clear upgrade over Jones. He makes the Cowboys a better team.

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