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Sunday’s five least valuable players, Week 3

5. Sam Bradford(notes), Quarterback, St. Louis Rams. Welcome back, Baltimore defense! Hope you enjoyed your week off. Unfortunately for Sam Bradford, he happened to be the opponent when the Ravens decided they'd be fierce again. This was Bradford's first half: 3-of-14 passing for 11 yards, two sacks and one interception. He picked it up in the second half, but by then, the damage had been done.

4. Antonio Cromartie(notes), Cornerback, New York Jets. Some days you get the good Cromartie, and some days you get the bad Cromartie. Sunday, the bad Cromartie showed up, and he dominated. In fact, if you wanted to, you could pin the entire Jets loss to the Raiders right on Cro's shoulders. He was committing penalties, muffing kickoff returns, and getting easily blocked downfield. I'll defer to Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times on this one: "Revis on one side, Gilligan on the other."

3. Chris Johnson, Running Back, Tennessee Titans. Two questions that would've seemed ridiculous about a month ago, but don't now: Is Chris Johnson still the Titans' best offensive player? Are the Titans a passing team? Matt Hasselbeck(notes) has been killing it under center. He's got five touchdowns against two interceptions, and is completing almost 70 percent of his passes for nearly 8.3 yards per attempt. Those are Pro Bowl numbers. It's not that Chris Johnson's suddenly lost his legs or anything -- Javon Ringer(notes) can't find a hole, either -- but the Titans are at their best when they're putting the ball in Matt Hasselbeck's hands. The timing's just weird. They give a running back $53 million, and then they turn into an air-it-out team. Maybe they should line Johnson up in the slot.

2. Andy Dalton(notes), Quarterback, Cincinnati Bengals. If Sunday was "rookie quarterbacks falling back to earth" day, Andy Dalton should probably get top billing over Cam Newton(notes). Anytime you're outdueled by Alex Smith, it has not been a good day. Dalton finished 17 of 32 for 157 yards, with zero touchdowns and two interceptions. Bengals fans have just as much reason to be excited about their young quarterback as do Panthers fans, but days like Sunday are going to happen, too.

1. The Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Line. So Michael Vick(notes) said after Sunday's game that "he's on the ground constantly." His comments were directed toward officials, but the offensive line has to hear that, too, right? Unfortunately for the Eagles, the line's major failure wasn't even in the passing game. The Eagles were a Greek tragedy in short-yardage situations Sunday. Andy Reid's involved, so the play-calling will be questioned, too, but the line had plenty of opportunities to just move the defenders a yard off the ball and get the job done. They failed every single time. Oh, and those four false starts in the first half aren't helping anyone, either.

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