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Speed King: Former Browns running back Chris Jennings caught driving 147 miles per hourThey say that running back is a position that requires functional speed, but former Cleveland Browns back Chris Jennings(notes) took that idea just a bit too far on Sunday morning — he was pulled over in Guernsey County, Ohio, for traveling 147 mph in a 65 mph zone. Jennings was driving a 2004 BMW, which must make the BMW folks happy.

And we'll give Jennings this — he may never be as fast as Adrian Peterson on the turf, but he's got him beat by miles on the road.

Of course, that wasn't the full extent of Jennings' debacle — when the cops pulled him over, they discovered that he had expired plates, as well. He was also driving with a suspended license, which should come as no surprise. Jennings was taken to jail and posted bond using a credit card, which was somehow not expired and/or over its limit. While players around the NFL get ready for their season openers, Jennings will be appearing in Guernsey County court on Sept. 7.

Jennings played nine games for the 2009 Cleveland Browns, rushing for 220 yards and a touchdown, but was then waived before the 2010 season. He failed to make the final cuts for the 2011 Jets after going through their training camp. An April 2010 profile in Pro Football Weekly indicated that Jennings was working on his speed and patience on the field. However, it appears that on the road, it's one or the other.

Jennings was an undrafted back out of Arizona who played for the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League before getting his shot with the Browns. He was also arrested (but not charged) in April of 2010 for getting into a fight at a Cleveland bar called the Velvet Dog. He apparently did not meet the club's dress-code requirements, and he took it out on the bouncer, according to one sheriff's deputy, by punching the bouncer in the face.

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