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Rob Ryan’s play chart includes a picture of a scantily clad model

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan had a picture of a model wearing a revealing outfit on his play chart during Sunday's game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Ryan and the Cowboys are mum about the odd inclusion. If he does speak about it, the real reason will almost certainly be far less fun than the speculative ones. Is it the visual equivalent of smelling salts? A reminder to play the "Cover 2" defense? Or just some eye candy to distract from seeing Kyle Kosier all the time?'s Hot Clicks discovered that the picture is of actress and model Diora Baird, who briefly appeared in "Wedding Crashers" as the woman who told Owen Wilson he was full of it. Her other credits include "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" and "Accepted." The photo on the play sheet orginally appeared in the magazine FHM.

You've gotta love the Ryan brothers. Calling out Bill Belichick? Ridiculous tattoos? Those feet videos? Voicemail trash talk? Nothing against Tony Sparano, but if he got fired and Rob was hired to replace him as Miami Dolphins coach and then had to face his brother twice a year, this would be the greatest thing to ever happen to coaching matchups, right? Forget "Hard Knocks," HBO could do a "24/7: Ryan Brothers."

Thanks, Deadspin

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