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Report: Terrell Owens is considering retirementAfter the unfortunate tearing of his ACL, and in the absence of any official statement from Terrell Owens(notes) or his agent, there's been a lot of speculation that the 37-year-old Owens is done as a player in the National Football League.

Mike Freeman of reports that Owens is indeed considering ending his career.

I expect Owens to publicly state his career will go on and there will be no retirement but I can tell you Owens has told several people in the NFL that he has indeed considered retirement. Again, that doesn't mean he will, but he's told people in the sport he's considering it.

If you happen to believe that Owens' love of the spotlight would make walking away from the NFL in this manner impossible, you aren't alone. Freeman doubts it himself, as does Pro Football Talk.

I can think of two interesting scenarios that could emerge from this. One is a nightmare. Say the question of whether or not Owens retires drags on indefinitely, Brett Favre(notes)-style. One can imagine Owens sitting at home during the whole Favre saga, watching with jealous admiration as Favre, while doing nothing, generated headline after headline.

Scenario two: Owens does retire, and someone gives him a job as an NFL studio analyst. I kind of like this option. You know he wouldn't shy away from the controversial, and there's almost no statement he could make that wouldn't be interesting when shot through the prism of his past behavior. Owens potentially being hired to criticize other peoples' conduct is kind of a mind-blowing concept.

But yeah, like the others, I don't expect Owens would just hang it up that abruptly. For good reason, he's always been highly confident in his own toughness and physical conditioning. There's no way he walks away without at least testing himself once more. A successful comeback from an ACL tear at the age of 37 would be borderline legendary, and there's no way Owens foregoes the chance to add that to his resume. Say what you want about the guy, but his belief in his own ability to do the impossible can't ever be questioned.

I expect we'll hear from Owens or Rosenhaus soon. Stay tuned.

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