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Ravens DT Terrence Cody dropped 65 pounds for 2011 season

Ahh, only in the NFL can a 335-pound man be considered "slimmed down."

Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Terrence Cody(notes) underwent a massive weight loss this offseason, dropping his heaviest weight of 400 pounds to a more-manageable 335 before the season began.

Cody, a second-year player, told CSN Baltimore that he was inspired by extra motivation from Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome and a realization that he was too big during his time at the University of Alabama and in his first season in Baltimore.

"I was out of shape and overweight," Cody told Tom Worgo of the station. "That's what kind of slowed me down."

The "bigger is better" trend that had been sweeping the NFL since the early 1990s finally seems to have petered out. Teams now realize that big is good, but only up until a point. Clogging up the running lanes for a few plays with a 380-pound tackle still can work, though it's far preferable to have a slimmer player who can stay on the field and not go through oxygen tanks like they're a scuba diver. Big is good, big and athletic are far better.

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