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Fear not, lovers of rookies carrying pads and being forced to sing showtunes at team meetings. Despite reports to the contrary, NFL rookie hazing is not dead yet.

The Dallas Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars were among teams this season to ban the time-honored tradition of veterans hazing rookies. Thankfully, our good friends in Tennessee are keeping the torch burning.

Here is a picture of Tennessee State rookie Joseph Hillis getting ice water poured on him while he was wrapped to a goalpost following Titans practice earlier this week.

Video: Hazing is alive and well at Tennessee Titans camp

Maintaining a practice instituted under previous coach Jeff Fisher, the team made its rookies participate in two-man relay races in which rookies had to run 50 yards while keeping a ball pressed between their chests. No hands were allowed. At the end of the race, reports The Tennessean's John Glennon, the rookies were doused with water.

"They were trying something new," new Titans coach Phil Munchak told the newspaper. "As you can tell the only part they really enjoy is dumping stuff on (the rookies) and I don't think they care about the dizziness as much. There is a different little twist I think every year and they seem to enjoy that."

Well, sure. The fun part of "Double Dare" wasn't the contestants climbing up the slide, it was when they'd go down it and get covered in chocolate syrup and slime. That's human nature.

It's not clear why Hillis got taped to the goalpost at the end of the races. We can only assume his performance in the chest-ball relay was more Vince Young(notes) than Steve McNair.

Video: Hazing is alive and well at Tennessee Titans camp

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