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You thought Tebowing went the way of planking, owling and flagpole sitting, didn't you? Think again, my friends! During Thursday's game between the New York Jets and Tim Tebow(notes) + 44 other guys, NFL Network showed a brief clip of a member of the color guard Tebowing while at the foot of the trendsetter himself.

People are still Tebowing, now doing it in front of Tebow himself

A few thoughts:

1. Not to get nitpicky, but that guy isn't even Tebowing properly. One can't look at the camera while posing, one must be deep in a contemplative and pious stance. (Doesn't he read Big League Stew?) It looks like he's getting ready to uppercut Tebow in the gut, a move that would have endured this seaman to millions.

2. Tebow is a good sport about a lot of things.

3. "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see Tebow?" "Both."

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