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Here's veteran NFL referee Jeff Triplette before overtime in the San Diego Chargers vs. Denver Broncos game, giving a very poor explanation of overtime rules that were nowhere near correct to begin with.

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The highlight for me is the look on the face of Takeo Spikes(notes) (you can see it on the bottom right, despite this video apparently being shot by someone 18 inches tall) right after Triplette drops this clear, concise explanation:

Each team must have the opportunity to possess the football ... and score. 'Kay? So if you go down ... you got it?

Nope. I don't think anyone's got it. I think everyone is thinking, "I don't understand what's happening at all, and I hope this man isn't having a stroke."

Mistakes happen, and Jeff Triplette was in no danger of ruining his reputation as a wordsmith. They did play the overtime period under the correct sudden-death rules -- not that it would have mattered, as both the Broncos and Chargers both had multiple possessions, because neither offense is very good. And Triplette did correct himself later, at least to the fans in the stadium, during a commercial break.

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