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Rex Ryan walks into a Foot Locker wearing a Joe Namath jersey.

Namath, during a weekly radio appearance on "The Michael Kay Show," hears about the homage via Rex's mall attire and was asked about it. His response was less than enthusiastic. "I'm just stunned that the jersey with No. 12 come in that size," he said.

That's despicable, Joe. How could you possibly make a joke about a man's weight when there were literally dozens of opportunities to make fun of the fact that he was walking into a Foot Locker?

Ryan didn't seem to mind the crack, probably because he knows he's large and doesn't need Joe Namath to tell him so. "Shoot, hey it doesn't matter," Ryan said when he was asked by Kay about the comments. "I'm still a huge Joe Namath fan."

Namath has been on Ryan's case all season. He criticized him for not preparing the Jets to play the Oakland Raiders and for being too nice to his players. Goodness, one can only imagine what sorts of things Namath was saying about Rich Kotite 15 years ago.

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