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Mike Martz resigns from Bears over ‘philosophical differences’Just hours after the Chicago Bears fired general manager Jerry Angelo and announced that head coach Lovie Smith would be staying put, the Bears are parting ways with offensive coordinator Mike Martz. According to Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune, Martz is resigning over "philosophical differences."

Something was going to have to change in Chicago, and the departure of Martz probably doesn't shock too many people. The Chicago offense struggled under Martz and became downright sad when Jay Cutler and Matt Forte were injured. Martz and Lovie Smith also never seemed to be totally simpatico with their views on the best way to run an offense, either.

As for the "philosophical differences," that could refer to anything. Martz always wants to throw the football, while Lovie Smith wants to run it. Maybe Martz wanted capable, productive wide receivers, while the Bears organization wanted Roy Williams. Maybe the Bears wanted a functional offensive line, while Martz dreamed of a day where offensive linemen were a thing of the past. Maybe the Bears wanted an offense that ranked better than 24th in the league, while Martz wanted … I don't know, a paycheck.

So the final tally in Chicago looks like this: Jerry Angelo, gone; Mike Martz, gone; Lovie Smith, staying. We'll see if those changes are enough to get them back to the top of the NFC.

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