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Michael Vick won a BET award, so don’t eat Subway sandwichesMichael Vick(notes) won the Sportsman of the Year award on Sunday night at the BET Awards. And now, since Subway sponsored the award, a group of angry dog-lovers want you to boycott Subway.

There's a Facebook page and a petition and everything. They're calling themselves "NO WAY Subway" and they want you to "boycott Subway until Michael Vick gives his BET award back." Because that will change everything.

Subway -- and this seems like it might be relevant -- is only the sponsor of the award, and it would still carry its name if it was won by any of the other nominees, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Derrick Rose. Subway did not nominate Vick, it did not give Vick the award, and it is not giving Michael Vick money. It'sĀ been way too focused on its recent groundbreaking work with avocados.

Vick, of course, spent 18 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to participating in and funding an inter-state dogfighting ring. That was in 2007.

Since his release, Vick has been an advocate for ending dogfighting, with the stated intention to "help more animals than he harmed." Vick currently works with the Humane Society in its anti-dogfighting efforts. Since his release, he's stayed out of trouble, done a lot of other charity work, and been pretty much a model citizen, on and off the field.

And let's be honest -- it was not a strong crop of candidates for the 2011 BET Sportsman of the Year award. LeBron James was a nominee, after the NBA Finals series he had? Who was the last one cut from the list, Albert Haynesworth(notes)? JaMarcus Russell(notes)?

I guess if people want to be mad about something, they're going to find a reason to be mad. I believe you're on solid moral ground if you find yourself unable to resist a Flatbread Breakfast Combo.

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