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It's pretty ironic that EA Sports' Madden: 2012 would use a video of Steve Johnson as it dropped the ball on keeping the Buffalo Bills' new jerseys a secret, but if you're a Bills fan, you're probably used to this sort of thing.

A promo for the new game showed Johnson running across the middle (screengrab, via Buffalo Rising, above) with a Bills uniform that consisted of a white helmet that looked different than anything the team had been sporting in years past. The EA people quickly yanked the YouTube video showing the new uniforms after getting heat from the NFL about the leak, but said they had showed the NFL the promos before going live with them.

It seems that the Bills had planned on unveiling the new uniforms during a fan appreciate event later in 2011, but the Madden game had players sporting the new look, that ESPN's Tim Graham will describe.

The helmets will be white with the blue charging buffalo and gray facemasks. Jerseys will have broad stripes on the shoulders instead of the sleeve bottom. Pants will be blue or white, the opposite of the jersey. Blue pants will have red-between-white piping. White pants will have red-between-blue piping.

Socks will have blue-and-white striped tops, and players will have the option to wear blue or white shoes as opposed to black. Belts are believed to be gray.

I mean, no way this is a bad thing, right? It's bringing attention to the Buffalo Bills, who have finished better than .500 just once in the last 11 seasons, and probably has fans a little excited for a new look, if football is actually played this year.

Also, it seems a perfect time to actually unveil these bad boys as the draft kicks off on Thursday. Have the new players sport them in front of the cameras as they join the Bills, and start selling them as the buzz goes around about this leak by Madden. All in all, it seems like a good thing for the Bills if they can embrace it and try to make it worth their while. Trust me, it could be the most exciting moment all year for Bills fans.

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