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We continue our pre-draft podcast series with a very talented "man behind the man" to a certain degree — though Mike Mayock is justifiably seen as the face of the franchise when it comes to the NFL Network's draft coverage and knowledge, it is past time to stop sleeping on what Charles Davis(notes) brings to the table.

I've always liked the knowledgeable, no-nonsense approach Davis beings to his work (i.e., he doesn't spend all his time screaming general nonsense like some — the man actually does his homework), but until he was kind enough to get on the phone with me Wednesday morning and we could really start getting into the 2011 draft class, I wasn't fully aware of the broad scope of knowledge Davis has, and continues to expand.

To put Davis in draft terms, he's a sleeper — an underrated player who impresses more and more as you watch the tape. A former star cornerback for the Tennessee Vols, Davis got half a cup of coffee with the Dallas Cowboys and decided to go into the analysis business instead. Wise choice — the dude really brings it.

In this podcast, Charles and I talk about this year's class of cornerbacks, what makes Prince Amukamara and Aaron Williams special, how Jake Locker can beat the college accuracy curse, the possible ramifications of the newest Ryan Mallett rumors (which had just broken at the time this call took place), who the under the radar guys are in this particular draft, and why Colin Kaepernick  is a lot more than just an interesting nickname. Great stuff — the DB breakdowns from Charles are particularly compelling — and we thank him very much.

Click on the link below to play the podcast (or right-click to save to your hard drive):

Draft Masters Podcast #2: Charles Davis, NFL Network

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