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DeSean Jackson takes some heat for using gay slursDeSean Jackson(notes), wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, attempted to set a record last week for most gay slurs ever crammed into one sentence (naughty language at that link).

Appearing on Sirius XM's "The All Out Show" with Rude Jude and Lord Sear, Jackson was taking calls from fans. One caller, a "Troy from Tennessee" asked DeSean Jackson a question about getting his "[naughty word that rhymes with 'pick'] knocked in the dirt", presumably a reference to this hit at the hands of Dunta Robinson, from which Jackson suffered a concussion.

Here was Jackson's response, as best I can relay it:

What type of question is that? Say "no [naughty word that rhymes with 'Romo'], [naughty word that rhymes with 'hay']-[naughty word that rhymes with 'pass'] [naughty word that rhymes with 'maggot'].

(Note: The expression that Jackson implores the caller to use, "No [naughty word that rhymes with 'Romo']", is intended to, when used before or after a statement that might have some kind of homosexual connotation, excuse the speaker from having homosexual tendencies. It is one of the dumber phrases ever established in the English language.)

The website for Shade 45, the SiriusXM station on which The All Out Show airs, offers this description for the show: "Nothing is safe or sacred when Rude Jude and Lord Sear hit the airwaves every afternoon -- all things improper, immoral, and inappropriate take center stage." That sounds about right.

The story was on Deadspin yesterday, and is on this morning. Jackson must be taking a little heat, and he posted these defiant messages on Twitter yesterday:

DeSean Jackson takes some heat for using gay slurs

DeSean Jackson can "stand tall" and "still be on" as far as I'm concerned, but why not just apologize? No one's saying he's a bad guy, but he used words that hurt people. An apology is absolutely called for here.

From his touching appearance on The View, we know that DeSean Jackson knows about bullying and sympathizes with those who have been victims. Whatever his intent was or wasn't with the words he used, the fact is that those words are used to bully, harass and hurt people every single day. We know that you're a good guy, DeSean, and we know that you don't bully people. We know you stand up for people who are bullied.

I'd just ask that you keep doing that. Keep being you. You were wrong, and you owe an apology. That's all. Just offer it up, and go on being the good guy you are.

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