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Deep Posts: Jaxson DeVille leads all mascots in planking ability

• That's Jaxson DeVille, planking in front of Maurice Jones-Drew's locker. I've failed to appreciate this whole planking phenomenon, but when a big furry mascot does it, I can't resist. Here's more of Jaxson planking. See if you can top him, other furry NFL mascots. I bet you can't. But if you try, please let me know.

• From the Anquan Boldin(notes) is Awesome file: Anquan is giving out 2,000 life insurance policies to low-income families in his hometown.

• Remember Reno Mahe? He was most famous for playing special teams and occasionally fullback (if I recall) for the Eagles, and also for being named Reno Mahe. He is accused of having stolen over $2,500 in gasoline, or about two tanks worth. You know, because gas is expensive.

• More on the Eagles: This columnist is resigned to seeing him go, but would like for the Eagles to keep Kevin Kolb.

• In retirement, Brett Favre has finally decided to help tutor a young quarterback.

• Apparently, last night was the night that soccer began to kill the NFL. Okie dokie.

• And finally, Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate made the poor decision to Tweet his belief that NASCAR drivers are not athletes. Not that I'm taking a position on the issue either way, but ... there's just no way that's going to end in happiness for Golden Tate(notes).

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