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I believe that Ndamukong Suh(notes) was way, way out of line with his actions on Thanksgiving Day. I believe he deserves his two-game suspension. I believe he has some issues to work through.

However, after what I've just seen, I'm also willing to admit that we've gone too far in our criticism of Suh, because we've somehow given Taiwanese animators the idea that Ndamukong Suh dismembers people and then feasts on their flesh.

Do what you do, Next Media Animation:

The depiction of what he did to Jake Delhomme actually isn't far off. Things get weird when Suh is able to generate and launch some kind of death ball at Jay Cutler. And then, they re-enact what Suh did to Evan Dietrich-Smith on Thanksgiving, and if it had really gone down that way, it probably would've drawn more than a two-game suspension. Roger Goodell has very little tolerance for human cannibalism.

Gracias, With Leather.

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