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The angelic, cascading locks that dangled gracefully from Tom Brady's(notes) scalp as he threw for over 1,300 yards in three games have been shorn.

Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston, at a press conference at Patriots facilities Wednesday, tweeted this shocking image of a fleeced Tom Brady.

Breaking News: Tom Brady has cut his hair

We remember fondly.

Brady began growing his hair out in the middle of last year. Around July, tufts of his chestnut brown mop began sticking out of his hats and helmets. In September of last year, he said his wife Gisele wouldn't allow him to cut it. The mane then progressed to more of a Justin Bieber look, which ignited the unforgettable and vicious Brady/Bieber rap beef of October '10.

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Things took an even darker turn in November, when the New York Daily News accused Brady of having to cover up a bald spot. By March, it was in a ponytail. At Carnival in Rio, he looked like a ladies gym teacher.

But today, Tom Brady stands before you a neatly coiffed man, as if he followed Prince Akeem into My-T Sharp and said, "Just make it nice and neat." He has re-joined the ranks of so many commoners with short hair. We've lost a hero.

Please listen to this as you spend a few minutes looking back over the life of Tom's hair. It left us too soon.

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Breaking News: Tom Brady has cut his hair

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