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When Brandon Meriweather(notes) walks into a modern gym, he says he gets confused because he doesn't see any equipment that would help him. Months of lifting logs like Rocky Balboa can have that effect.

The New England Patriots safety told The Providence Journal that he's been preparing for the upcoming NFL season by partaking in some unorthodox workout methods. The newspaper has the photographic proof:

Brandon Meriweather trains like he’s in ‘Rocky IV’

That's a 210-pound log that's used by Meriweather in clean and jerk sessions at his local gym, presumably after he spends time running up mountains in the Soviet Union, trying to evade government officials following him before his big boxing match with Drago.

He told the newspaper's Kevin McNamara about the untraditional workouts that include kettlebells, rope and power jumps:

"We work out with a lot of different tools and weights. It's not traditional bench press, squats. We do different things with weight. You can't get these things from an ordinary gym. Now I go into a regular gym and am pretty much puzzled because I don't see that stuff as helping me as much."

Important remaining questions: Does Meriweather listen to "Hearts on Fire" when working out? When training camp starts, is he going to lift a cart with Bill Belichick inside and saw logs outside in the freezing cold? And, as this is going on, is Rex Ryan pulling a Brigitte Nielsen and standing watchfully alongside Bart Scott(notes) as he trains on high-tech equipment?

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