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Brady revels in the fact that folks are making fun of GronkowskiTom Brady(notes) is thankful that teammate Rob Gronkowski(notes) posed for a (tasteful) photograph with an adult film star because it means he won't bear the brunt of mocking amongst New England Patriots players.

Speaking to Boston's WEEI radio, the two-time Super Bowl MVP expressed gratitude for Gronkowski's public relations nightmare. "I'm just glad I'm no longer the one that people are making fun of on my team on a daily basis," Brady, the good-looking, filthy-rich quarterback with a supermodel wife and adorable children, told "The Dennis and Callahan Show." "Gronk has definitely pulled into the lead there."

The tight end caught flak earlier this week when adult film star BiBi Jones posted two pictures of herself posing with Gronkowski while wearing his jersey. Gronkowski insists nothing happened, as if a grown man on a bye week would need to apologize about a platonic relationship with a young, go-getting entrepreneur. But apologize he did:

"I didn't send anything to hurt the reputation of anyone on the New England Patriots or on behalf of [owner] Robert Kraft," Gronkowski said. "That's all, just a simple picture, that's all. From here on out, I'm just here to talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers and the big game this weekend."

Eh, it's not a bad public relations move; get out in front of the story and make people forget about it by Sunday. But if Gronkowski really wants people to forget about it, he should post this picture on his Twitter account. They'll be making fun of Brady again in no time.

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