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There are a lot of crazy athletic feats on YouTube (like this one, for example), but this one below might be the all-time world heavyweight champion in the category of YouTube Videos That Make You Say "Daaaaaaaaamn."

This is Jarron Gilbert, defensive end out of San Jose State. He's 6'5" and 287 pounds. And he's going to jump out of a swimming pool.

That's bananas.

Now, I'm not Mel Kiper, so I'd never heard of this gentleman before running across this video at Deadspin., however, describes him as "a freakish athlete" who can "jump out of the building." They'll get no argument from me.

Lest you think he's all sizzle and no steak, though, he also led the NCAA last year with 22 tackles for a loss. That's pretty good.

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