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Well, I guess you can, but it probably makes you a terrible person. Police in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania are looking for two men accused of assaulting a woman who wore a Tony Romo jersey to a convenience store on Friday night.

According to the woman, she was walking down the street, she heard someone say, "Hey, Romo," and she turned around and got drilled in the face with some kind of an object that ended up cutting her.

"I had blood running down my neck, all down the front of my shirt," Wert told Fox 29 News. "When I came home I had to wash everything off. It was scary."

Yeah, that sounds pretty scary. The lady wasn't able to give police much of a description, but they are looking for "the two men wearing the Eagles shirts." Fortunately, those aren't difficult to find in Bethlehem, PA.

I'd recommend that the local police use Michael Irvin as bait. Send him to the same convenience store this weekend, wearing his jersey and championship rings. I'd suggest using Romo himself, but he'll be busy this weekend. Unlike the two guys in the Eagles shirts.

NOTE: The guy pictured has nothing to do with the crime in question; I just like laughing at his head.

Gracias, Deadspin.

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