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Yeremiah Bell says the Bills ‘laid down’ SundayAll the momentum the Buffalo Bills had early in the season has been stolen by the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins have become the only team in history to lose their first seven games, then win their next three. The Bills have gotten destroyed in their last two games, and lost four of their last five.

So when they met Sunday, maybe it shouldn't have been that surprising that Miami put cleats to heineys, winning 35-8.

After the game, though, Dolphins safety Yeremiah Bell(notes) said that not only did Miami win, but it made Buffalo lay down and quit. From the Palm Beach Post:

"In the first half, when we jumped on them, the way the game was going and the way they were playing, they laid down," Bell said Sunday after Miami's 35-8 victory. "We were putting a hat to them and flying all over the place.

"When we don't make mistakes, we execute, and everybody's in the right spot, we're a pretty good defense. We did that today, and I feel they laid down."

Even Brandon Marshall(notes), an offensive player, noticed that the Bills offense turtled a bit. He said of his own defense:

"I wouldn't want to play against those guys," Marshall said. "It seemed like every time the ball was in the air there was a big hit. That sends a message not only to the guys on the other sideline, but the guys we'll be facing in the future."

That's about the worst thing you can say about another team. It lost, it's not talented, it can't block -- all of that's fair game. That the team quit? That you beat it into a cowardly submission? That's another story.

The two teams play again on Dec. 18 in Buffalo.

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