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Everyone has been affected by the ongoing economic crisis in different ways, whether it be through layoffs, pay cuts, rising prices or investing with guys named Bernie. But recent news suggests the worst is yet to come, for there may be a chicken wing shortage in America.

With prices for chicken wings skyrocketing and demand outpacing supply, some areas of the country may see a decrease in the availability of one of the nation's favorite game day meals.

A major chicken wing producer in Texas filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy late last year, which has cut back production of the product. That, coupled with the Super Bowl demand, has forced chicken wing futures up 10 cents this year, putting a burden on restaurants and food suppliers. (And, yes, chicken wings are sold on the commodities market. If you don't know what that is, watch the movie "Trading Places" for a brief lesson.)

Ironically, the home of the buffalo wing (upstate New York) may be hardest hit by the price-hike and shortage. That'd be like Philadelphia running out of cheesesteaks or Pittsburgh running out of mustaches

Super Bowl Sunday is traditionally the biggest wing day of the year, with four percent of all annual sales occurring for the game.

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