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That's one theory making its way around New England, anyway. The Boston Herald's Gayle Fee & Laura Raposa, who are so often confused with Ron Jaworski and Merril Hoge, are helping to put forth the notion that Brady's play has slipped because of his personal life. They write:

But, face it, Tom, you’re not the ferociously focused footballer you were before marrying Brazilian glamazon Gisele Bundchen last spring, celebrating last month’s birth of son Benjamin, and playing long-distance Daddy to firstborn son Jack, 2. And lest we forget, all the real-estate wheeling and dealing!

"I think my life is very focused and prioritized on the things that are important to me, and that’s obviously my family and my football career," [Brady] told [WEEI's Dennis & Callahan]. "There’s not really a whole lot of other things going on other than that."

Really? Many fans beg to differ.

As well they should. It's that real estate wheeling and dealing that bothers me the most, because you know Tom is doing all that paperwork himself. The time he spends pounding "Century 21" signs into the ground alone is enough to throw off his game!

Anyway, I don't know who these fans are, and I've not heard anyone else voice that particular complaint. But hey, I'm not in Boston, so I don't know what people are talking about. Perhaps Gisele is being cursed at water coolers all over New England right now.

Popular theory or not, it's still ridiculous (though it's not the first time similar complaints have been made about Brady). The man is a professional. No one complained about anything in 2007, and I'm quite sure Tom Brady(notes) was getting some action in 2007, too. Yes, he's got a family now, but no one knows what that family atmosphere is even like, let alone how it might affect his seven-step drop. To me, it's just as likely that his astrological forecast threw him off in that Baltimore game.

Jack Nicklaus has the all-time go-to quote on this sort of thing. He once said that if a guy has a good marriage, it'll help his game. If it's a bad marriage, it'll hurt his game. I think that's 100 percent accurate, although we should now probably amend it to add, "And if you don't care at all about your wife, it won't effect your game." Call it the Tiger Woods clause.

Anyway, it's a long offseason, and I guess people need something to talk about. Ridiculous theories about Tom Brady's wife and child are as good as anything else, I guess.

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