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We're all breathless Tuesday with the reports that Brett Favre is retiring, even though we've been down this deceitful road before. I put on my "let's pretend it's true" hat for a while, but really ... how could anyone be expected to believe anything that Favre says?

Retired or not, he's not gone from our lives. Speculation that he might "un-retire" is going to live on for a while, no matter what he says or does. That's just the precedent he's set.

I don't even necessarily say that as a knock on Favre. The fact is, though, that he's shown that he has a propensity to change his mind, he's shown that he doesn't mind a little media attention, and he's shown that the itch to play football is a hard thing to shake.

So, do you believe that we've seen the last of him in the NFL? And if you don't, what's it going to take to convince you? When will you believe it?

Call me a pessimist, but my vote goes with the Week 6 option. I don't know why I'd rule out the possibility that one day, the ankle feels a little bit better, and Favre says to himself, "Maybe this is worth another go." The most reliable predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

And what's Brad Childress going to do if Favre does change his mind, tell him "no"? Yeah. If he thought it would help get Favre on the field, Childress would be in Mississippi right now, giving Favre a pedicure and sewing him a memory quilt.

No, well after the press release is issued or the press conference happens, the book on Favre can't be completely closed for a while yet.

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