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1. Calvin Johnson(notes), WR, Detroit Lions. DeAngelo Hall(notes) might have gotten the best of him once, but after that, Calvin Johnson went into "How about I just win this damn game by myself?" mode. After that, Johnson had three touchdowns, each demonstrating his unstoppability in different ways. On the first one, he dragged Hall into the endzone like a limp teddy bear. On the second, he got underneath Hall on a slant pattern in the endzone. On the third, he contorted himself in traffic to snatch a ball out of the air before Carlos Rogers(notes) could get to it. When Johnson is on, there are few weapons like him in the league.

2. David Garrard(notes), QB, Jacksonville Jaguars. It takes two teams to make a blowout. The Cowboys did their part, of course, with a performance as soft and sweet as a dumpster full of cotton candy. Still, someone's got to step in and make plays against them, and Garrard was magnificent today. He made good decisions, he made the average throws, and he made the spectacular throws. It was a fantastic quarterbacking performance. Not the kind of thing you expect to see from David Garrard, even against a bad defense.

3. Jerry Jones, Owner, Dallas Cowboys. Say what you want about Jerry, but I'm glad to see him step up and take 100% of the blame on himself. He plays an active role in the team, and whether you like that management style or not, Jerry's willing to stick his face in front of a camera in good times and in bad times. There's something to be said for that. I don't know if that something outweighs putting together such an awful team, but still ... it's something.

4. Defensive Line, Oakland Raiders. Matt Hasselbeck(notes) took eight sacks this afternoon, as the Seahawks were generally unable to block anyone wearing black and silver. Tommy Kelly(notes) was in the backfield making a mess of things, as was Richard Seymour(notes). This is two straight blowouts for the Raiders, which makes the world seem like a confusing and frigid place.

5. Steven Jackson, RB, St. Louis Rams. Jackson didn't have a very good game, but he looked like this, and this is awesome:

However, if you really need a Ram to be complimented here, I'll accommodate you, Sam Bradford(notes) continues to perform at an amazing level, considering he's a rookie with a UFL-ish group of receivers. It's a situation where you'd almost guarantee that a rookie would struggle like a kitten in a pool of maple syrup, but Bradford continues to shine. It's impressive.

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