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Kurt Warner(notes) doesn't think highly of Brett Favre's(notes) final few years in the NFL. In an interview with the NFL Network, the recently retired quarterback said it will be tough to remember Favre's heyday after his antics during the past few seasons:

"I think he did [tarnish his legacy]. Not only this season, but the last few seasons, going back and forth [on retirement] and bouncing to a few different teams. I think about it, and I have to really think hard to think back to when he was a Green Bay Packer and when he played his best football and was in Super Bowls and when he became the Brett Favre we all know.

"To me, when I think of Favre, the first thing I think of [is] the chaos that's happened the last couple of years. Hopefully, within a couple of years, people will forget that and remember the kind of player he was on the field. I think in the short-term, he definitely hurt his legacy."

Says the guy who immediately went on "Dancing With the Stars" after retiring. 

Warner is correct about the short-term legacy (which is a pretty obvious statement; maybe he's trying out for a career as an NFL studio analyst), but I don't think these incidents will come to define Favre. Nobody looks back on Willie Mays' career and remembers him falling around the outfield with the Mets, and Michael Jordan's final years on the Washington Wizards and his messy divorce from his wife were forgotten almost the instant after they happened. It's rare that an athlete's post-career antics change his legacy. It takes either a heinous, notorious act (O.J. Simpson) or a long series of debacles (Isiah Thomas) to accomplish that.

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We're still in the middle of all this Favre nonsense. Assuming there's no more cell phone pictures on the horizon, they will soon pass and the memories in Green Bay will be Favre's lasting impact. 

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