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Lord knows Brett Favre(notes) has enough different factors to consider when deciding whether or not he'd like to come back for another year with the Vikings. There's his age, his health, his love of the game, his family, his relationship with the coach, his chances of getting back to the Super Bowl, his inability to throw the football to a player wearing the same-colored jersey in the most important moments.

And now? He's also got to factor in the ability of Viking fans to engage in clever wordplay based on his name! How do you say no to that?

The above billboard was bought and paid for by a facebook group that raised money through the website, They say they're also shooting for enough money to run "full color page ads" and "possibly television."

I'm all for fans coming together to make their voice heard, so I congratulate the people who put all of this together. I do doubt that any of it actually sways Favre's decision, though. If I thought it did, I'd start a campaign to raise money to buy a billboard that read, "DEAR BRETT: WE KIND OF LIKE THE WAY YOU WENT OUT. DON'T COME BACK."

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