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Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca  have been feuding for 48 years, ever since Mosca laid a dirty hit on one of Kapp's teammates and knocked him out of the 1963 Grey Cup, the CFL's equivalent of the Super Bowl. The men, both 73, kept the feud going this weekend at a CFL alumni luncheon after Kapp, a former star quarterback at Cal who is still the only man ever to play in a Rose Bowl, Super Bowl and Grey Cup, tried to mockingly give Mosca some conciliatory flowers.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Mosca tried to shake Kapp's hand earlier in the day, but Kapp refused.

You watch this and are all, "oh, isn't that funny, two old guys getting in a fight." Then you realize that just because you're 73 doesn't mean you've necessarily become a genteel being that likes to feed birds at the pond and hand out Werthers to your grandchildren. That fire doesn't go away when the hair turns white, you know?

Kapp apologized later but then told a story about how his ex-teammate Fleming has a dog named Angelo that he beats every day. Future Lions fans, take note. This is what it's going to be like for Ndamukong Suh(notes) at every old-timer's day

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