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As a backup quarterback, Dan Orlovsky(notes) has to be ready to go into a game at a moment's notice. When Houston Texans starting quarterback Matt Schaub(notes) was forced out of action on Thursday night, Orlovsky was prepared to go into the game ... except for the small matter of not being able to find his helmet. 

With Schaub forced out of the game for the final play of the first half, Orlovsky had to make a quick appearance on the field. Unable to find his own helmet, he began frantically looking and eventually had to borrow one from tight end Garrett Graham(notes) before sprinting onto the field for one play:

Orlovsky would have been better off borrowing Jacoby Jones'(notes) helmet. Graham's lid was way too big and made the quarterback look like a Pop Warner player borrowing his older brother's equipment.

Because this mix-up came for one play after a timeout at the end of the half, it had little consequence for Orlovsky and the Texans. Had this been in the middle of the game, the backup would have been at a huge disadvantage because he wouldn't have had a speaker in his helmet to get plays relayed to him by the offensive coordinator.

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Let this be a lesson in why backup quarterbacks should always wear their helmets on the sidelines, even if there appears to be little chance of going in the game. It's always harder to find something when you need it in a jiff. My car keys can attest.

On the bright side, at least people will remember Orlovsky for something other than running out of the back of the end zone for no particular reason at all.

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