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The news of the Cleveland Browns firing head coach Eric Mangini was met with an unexpectedly jubilant reaction by ESPN anchor Hannah Storm and NFL analyst Adam Schefter: 

The on-air high-five, setting a new standard in journalistic integrity since 2011.

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Storm and Schefter aren't celebrating Mangini's firing (at least I don't think they are). It looks like they're heralding the fact that the announcement came while they were live on the air, something that had clearly been discussed earlier with somebody off camera named Josh. (Who is evidently in a position to give out 50 bonus points for such a happening.) The anchor and analyst quickly apologized, although you can still hear Schefter's excitement when he tries to get all solemn by repeating "good point" and talking over Storm's initial apology.

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Some people will rip on Storm and Schefter for the unprofessional reaction. But, both have good reputations, quickly realized their mistake and apologized. These are the perils of being on live television for hours every day. 

And it's not like the firing of Eric Mangini is a tragedy. It's a mediocre football coach with a 10-22 record getting paid millions of dollars not to work next season.

Update: An ESPN spokesman issued a statement about the incident later on Monday:

"Their actions were inappropriate, and they immediately recognized this and acknowledged it on-air. While they were not making light of the firing itself, everyone involved understands how difficult it is on individuals to lose their jobs and the effect it can have on their families, and ESPN apologizes for the incident."

Thanks, Deadspin

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