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So, if you were a San Diego resident, and you had tickets to Thursday's Poinsettia Bowl between Navy and San Diego State, would you want to attend the game in a stadium that looks like this?

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The rain in Spain may fall mainly on the plain, but in San Diego, it tends to flood the local football stadium at a very bad time. The recent rainstorms in San Diego County have closed Sea World, caused traffic and power-outage nightmares, and stopped Amtrak service because of soil erosion (boy, there's a term you never want to hear when discussing a train route) near the Sorrento Valley.

You would think that with all this going on, there's no way the NCAA would want to play a game under these conditions. But then, you remember that this is a governing body which crowns its annual champion with a blindfold and a dartboard, and you realize ... of course, they'd want to keep the game going! Who needs silly little things like a reliable field, the ability to actually get to the game, or any kind of safety provisions? After all, one of the teams is Navy; maybe they can bring a few submarines if the drives get too difficult to maintain by the fourth quarter!

Officials say that there are pumps going 24/7, and there will be no problem playing the game. They've even tried to reassure people via Twitter, but based on the video evidence, this looks a lot like Kevin Bacon screaming, "Remain calm! All is well!" before he gets trampled by a frantic mob during the parade scene in "Animal House."

"The field will be ready," said Poinsettia Bowl executive director Bruce Binkowski. "The ground crew will be working all night long. There might be a few soft spots where water sunk in, but the field will be ready."

Of course, Binkowski also advised fans to arrive early at the stadium via trolley ... because the stadium parking lot is flooded, too!

A spokesperson for San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders said on Wednesday that there's still a chance the stadium won't be ready in time, but that depends on how much more rainfall the area may still receive. It's just as nutty as it sounds, and the only surprise is that they haven't contracted Vince, the Shamwow guy, to take care of the cleanup.

The Poinsettia Bowl is scheduled to go off at 5 p.m. Pacific Time. Any bets on whether that actually happens?

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