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Tom Brady(notes) has been mad before. The three-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback has yelled at linemen, thrown his helmet in disgust and had a pointed word or two on the sideline for coaches. But never has the New England Patriots signal caller looked as furious as he was on Sunday night.

After getting stopped by the Pittsburgh Steelers defense, which forced a punt, Brady came off the field and laid into his teammates, screaming at them while coming off the field and later when they surrounded him on the bench. It was the most animated we've ever seen the future Hall of Famer.

The outburst came late in the first half with the Patriots leading their AFC rivals 10-3. Yes, Brady was winning at the time of his blowup. Just imagine how angry he would have been if he'd been losing.

Later on, Brady was asked why he was so angry. "There were plenty of plays we didn't make we should have made," he replied. Penalties, drops and poor execution (particularly on the third-down run before the outburst) would seem to be the culprit. At that point of the game, New England should have been up by more than a touchdown. As Brady knows, let a good team hang around that long, and it's bound to come back to bite you.

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On Sunday, it didn't. New England cruised to a 39-26 win.

Some teams win statement games. This was a statement outburst by Brady. There have been unfounded whispers that he's become too Hollywood, what with his marriage to a supermodel and the Bieber-like haircut. A loss to the Cleveland Browns last week had people suggesting the Patriots weren't as good as their 6-2 record would indicate.

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In one night and with one tirade, Brady quieted all the doubters. Is anyone going to think Brady's soft after that? Is anyone going to doubt that the Pats are the Super Bowl favorites now? 

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