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Video: NFL Network talking heads get nutty over Vince Young

Now that the Tennessee Titans have released quarterback Vince Young, the question remains: Will Young ever get it — will he ever mature to the point where his maturity and work ethic matches his raw (but still unproven) talent?

The topic was up for debate on the NFL Network on Thursday, and as usual, former offensive lineman Jamie Dukes was VERY adamant in his opinion. And his opinion is that a team in need of a quarterback would be nuts not to take a flyer on Young. As Dukes kept preachifying (as is his wont), former Oakland Raiders general manager Michael Lombardi broke in from off-set to harass Dukes for what he called his "shilling" for the quarterback.

Lombardi busts in at about the 2:00 minute mark, but the whole video is a pretty good example of what happens when a bunch of people hit critical mass on the subject of free agency.

And, yeah — Jamie, you might want to dial it back a bit.

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