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If you're going to watch one Jerry Jones interview conducted while riding in a golf cart traveling two mph, let it be the one he did this morning on The Today Show with Matt Lauer:

Though the questions were as soft as softball questions can get, Jones did provide an interesting glimpse into why he refused to move up the video board to avoid the punts. (Even though Lauer didn't ask him directly about it.)

As Jones says in this interview (and in many others prior to today), he heavily researched ever aspect of the stadium and planned every detail. He's immensely proud of this (and he should be). To raise the screen would be to admit that those plans weren't perfect. Even though it's the obvious decision, this is a matter of pride not sensibility.

But Jones also says that he cares most about perception. He mentions that he craves the approval of Matt Lauer and Al Michael (Cris Collinsworth's opinion doesn't matter at all, apparently). Leaving the board in place is a surefire way to lose the perception battle. If he had moved it up, then the story becomes long forgotten once the season begins. If a punt ever hits it in a real game though, the attention shifts from the greatness of the stadium to the poorly planned video board that hangs from its roof.

On the bright side, at least the golf carts seem to work.

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