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Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell lamented that the delay of the Philadelphia Eagles game due to this weekend's blizzard was another example of America turning into a "nation of wussies." On Tuesday night, the staff at Lincoln Financial Field did its best to ensure that Rendell doesn't join the unmanly masses.

When Rendell took his front row seat at the team's game against the Minnesota Vikings, he was greeted with a pile of snow and a sign declaring that the seat was for "non-wussies" only. Six hundred workers had spent the previous 48 hours clearing snow out of the stands but managed to leave a little bit for the governor, who had said he would have preferred to have watched the game during the blizzard.  

[Time lapse video: Stadium becomes a hocky rink]

Rendell's initial comments skewed toward blowhard territory (saying the Chinese never would have canceled a game, for instance), but you have to appreciate that he can take it just as well as he dishes it. He sat outside in the elements, laughed off the joke and even refused to wear a winter hat on his bald head to better project his machismo. Maybe there's hope for the U.S. yet.

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