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Whether you call it his rump, his tush, his backside, his posterior, his derrière, his booty, his heinie, his caboose, his bum or his butt, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce(notes) bounced the football off his while trying to snap the ball during Sunday night's blowout victory over the Dallas Cowboys and made NBC's announcing booth chuckle in the process.

In one of the missteps (or mis-snaps) for Philly in the team's 34-7 victory over its division rival, Kelce's attempt to hike the ball to Michael Vick(notes) in a shotgun resulted not in Vick taking the snap, but in the ball thudding against Kelce's sizable rump and falling to the ground. The center evidently thought Vick was directly behind him, hence the abbreviated snap. As Cris Collinsworth said, Vick must not put his hands directly on Kelce when he gets under center.

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If not for Vick's quick reaction, Dallas would have recovered the fumble and possibly changed the outcome of the game. Instead of being 34-7, it may have been something more like 31-10.

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