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If Anthony Spencer(notes) showed how to properly implement the high hurdle into an NFL game, Dustin Keller(notes) provides the opposite example.

The New York Jets tight end tried to leap over two Buffalo Bills defenders to gain an extra few yards. He got hit in the midsection, flipped over landed on his head. Keller appeared woozy after the play and left the game, but later returned.

That's good news for many reasons, one of which is now I'm free to point out how amusing it is that, in the screenshot below, it looks like Terrence McGee(notes) is using Keller as a barbell.

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By the way, good on Jairus Byrd(notes) (No. 31) for not hitting a defenseless Keller as he was in midair. A few years ago, Keller would have been fair game during that flip. The recent NFL rules protecting defenseless receivers may have prevented a more severe injury in this circumstance.

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