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Cam Newton(notes) has "it," and by "it" I mean the ability to make seven Washington Redskins defenders flail around helplessly as he scrambles for a ridiculous first down on a third-and-long from deep within his own territory.

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There are so many good things you can say about Cam Newton. Aside from the fact that's he a natural quarterback, he has command of the huddle, knows how to scramble, can avoid big hits (MICHAEL VICK(notes)) and possesses an on-field awareness that few rookies ever show. He's already tied a rookie record for most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback and has kept an otherwise-awful Panthers team in every game this season.

But though we highlight this run, its success was more about the awfulness of the Redskins defense than the brilliance of Cam Newton. DeAngelo Hall(notes) whiffs so bad he looked like Alex Rodriguez in October. If it's possible, I think Kevin Barnes(notes) missed two tackles on the play.

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