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You couldn't tell everything about Michael Vick(notes) from his first appearance back in the NFL, but there was at least one detail worth noting: His arm can still fire bullets.

The one pass Vick threw downfield was a quick laser to Hank Baskett(notes), squeezed into a very tight window. It was a little high, but Baskett pulled it in. It was not a pass that was lacking for velocity.

He didn't look slow, either. Hesitant, maybe, though there wasn't a whole lot that gave us a look at his legs. Andy Reid called one play where Vick faked the handoff to LeSean McCoy(notes) and then took off on a designed run to the left. He got outside quickly, but had nowhere to go.

Other than that, it was shovel passes, handoffs and swing passes for Vick. The first quarter saw Vick get somewhere in the neighborhood of eight snaps, and he took them all out of the shotgun. The drive where Vick got the most snaps resulted in an Eagles field goal.

There was still a lot we didn't see from Vick, of course; like him running free in the open field, his straight-line speed or his arm on a deep ball. He'll have to prove he still has those things, but for right now, the news is good. There was nothing to suggest he didn't have them.

The crowd reaction was extremely favorable, too. The place erupted every time Vick took the field, and when he completed the pass downfield to Baskett, you'd have thought the Eagles just scored a touchdown in a playoff game.

Vick's total effort included completing all four passes he threw for 19 yards, running for another yard and even lining up in the slot once. It's way too early to draw definitive conclusions, of course, but it looks like he'll be all over the field for the Eagles, and the coaching staff won't be afraid to get creative with him.

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