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So, Brett Favre(notes) had the ankle surgery that he needed in order to return for another season of professional football, even though he's still continuing with this "I might play, I might not" charade.

And of course, the news of that ankle surgery did not elude the New Orleans Saints, who play Favre's Vikings on opening weekend. Saints safety Darren Sharper Tweeted the following about Brett's tender ankle:

Well y'all seen Brett had surgery on that ankle we got after in the championship game. Come Thursday night 1st game. X marks the spot.

Not cool. Most readers know I have no particular love for Brett Favre, but I still hate it when any NFL player talks about intentionally attempting to injure another player (like this, for example). Still, Brett Favre's earned a huge level of respect in the NFL. You've got to respect the legend. At least a little bit.

Shiancoe heard of the Tweet and responded, via

“Sharper had surgery too,” tight end Visanthe Shiancoe(notes) said. “And it was a knee. If x marks the spot on Brett, I wonder what marks the spot on Sharper?”

It didn't end there, though. Sharper took it back to Twitter with the following two Tweets:

So visanthe stankoe X marks the spot on me, how bout X marks the spot for how many catches and TDs you'll have come Thursday night. X = zero

If you feeling yourself put your game check on it. No TDs and less than 3 catches you give me your game check. Now whose talking.

Soon, it may be the commissioner.

Shiancoe also said in the StarTribune article that he thinks Sharper was probably joking, and that he doesn't really intend to injure anyone. However, there absolutely will be some bad blood in that game, because the Vikings did feel like the Saints took some extra liberties with Favre throughout the contest.

Also, maybe they haven't noticed, but Roger Goodell's big on fining people, and talking on Twitter about deliberate attempts to injure, as well as gambling on game results, is probably something he'd frown upon.

Maybe it'll come via an injury on the opening Thursday nighter (just 104 days away), or maybe it'll come via a fine, but one way or another, someone's going to get humbled.

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