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Jaguars wide receiver Troy Williamson, who, it may surprise you to learn, is still in the NFL, would like to sock Vikings head coach Brad Childress in the nose. It would be the most physical and aggressive play of his career.

When Williamson was with Minnesota (perhaps the worst 7th overall draft pick ever), he took some time away from the team to attend his grandmother's funeral in South Carolina. When he didn't make it back to the team in time for the next game, the Vikings, citing other players who had returned to play soon after family deaths, fined Williamson a game check

But after everyone in the world said, "Hey, what kind of people are you," the Vikings eventually relented and gave Williamson his money back. But for Williamson, the relationship had soured permanently.

So now, with Williamson's Jaguars playing Childress's Vikings this weekend, Troy Williamson wants to fight his old coach.

"If y'all can give this to coach Childress, we can meet on the 50-yard line," Williamson said. "We can go at it. I'd even tie my hands around my back."

Williamson obviously isn't over his Minnesota tenure, which ended with the Vikings trading him to the Jaguars last spring for a sixth-round draft pick.

Asked whether he harbored special feelings about playing against his former team, Williamson answered flatly with a "no."

"If I can duke it out with coach Childress, that would be a different story," Williamson said. "Other than that, this is just another game."

Williamson won't play on Sunday, but I don't think he's kidding. Childress, on the other hand ...

"I'm not like a woman. I'll give you my weight," Childress said. "It's 190 pounds of twisted steel and rompin', stompin' dynamite. Is that enough humor for you?"

Certainly, a contest between the Jaguars and Vikings could use an infusion of excitement, but sadly, there's about a zero percent chance of Williamson getting his hands on Childress. Even if no one was able to convince Williamson that any such fight would end his career, there would be too many people around Childress for a real fight to ever erupt.

Shame. This could be a ratings bonanza.

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