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Reprising the rumors from last offseason, the word on the street is that the Minnesota Vikings and Houston Texans are close to a deal that would send Sage Rosenfels north to Minnesota for a fourth-round draft pick.

Now, you may be asking yourself, with guys like Tarvaris Jackson and Gus Frerotte on the roster, why would the Vikings need another quarterback? And the answer is that neither Tarvaris Jackson or Gus Frerotte are very good at playing football.

Actually, scratch that. Given his last four games of the season last year, I think we have to say that Jackson might be good at playing football. But Frerotte certainly isn't.

So what does Sage bring to the table? The consensus seems to be that he brings absolutely nothing, but I don't agree. Rosenfels had a completion percentage of 66.7 last year, while neither Jackson or Frerotte got out of the 50s. Sage's yards per attempt is a full yard better than either of the current Vikings quarterbacks.

Interceptions, I'll grant you, are an issue. Sage has a tendency to throw them in bunches.

Still, though, when you take a look at his numbers last year, they're not at all shabby. His quarterback rating dipped under 80 only one time in six games, and that was against the Ravens. He had four interceptions in that game, which accounted for 40 percent of his total on the year.

At the very least, I think Sage is useful as a backup, and under the right circumstances, could be a decent starter. If the trade goes through, I think Vikings fans can feel better about the quarterback position than they have since Daunte Culpepper tricked people into believing that he was good. Between Tarvaris's flurry of brilliance at the end of last year, and the possibility of Sage replacing Gus Frerotte, the Vikings QB depth chart doesn't look like the black hole it once was.

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