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You remember the story of Seattle Seahawks rookie receiver Golden Tate(notes) and the maple bars he found irresistible enough to steal? Well, Top Pot, the doughnut company that fell prey to Tate's sticky fingers, has turned the crime into marketing time.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that Top Pot is also the official coffee and donut company for the Seahawks and Qwest Field, but this window sign snapped by an alert Seattle reader over at indicates that the company has used good humor about the incident to extend its brand.

"It was kind of a foolish mistake that won't happen again. But if you ever want some maple bars, that's the place to go," Tate said after the incident in early June, when he and a friend used a common door between his condo and a Top Pot franchise in a Seattle suburb to enter the store very early one morning.

Personally, I still think the company needs to rename the pastry; "Golden Maple Bars" just sounds too good. Lest we believe that only the light-fingered members of the Seahawks roster would receive special consideration, there's this picture from quarterback Matt Hasselbeck's Twitter account:

Hmmm ... a big cup of Hasselbeck blend and a Top Pot maple bar? Now, that's what I call the breakfast of champions!

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