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Tony Sparano after being denied review: ‘Now I’m getting fired’

Poor, poor Tony Sparano.

His team is 0-6 after suffering a crushing come-from-ahead loss to the Broncos on Sunday. It wouldn't surprise anyone to see his name scrolling across the bottom of their television screen today for having been fired.

Not even Sparano himself, apparently. From Omar Kelly at

" ... CBS4 caught a desperate Tony Sparano making a plea for the game's referees to review Demaryius Thomas'(notes) 5-yard touchdown catch, which appeared to be a drop. [...]

Sparano was clearly frustrated and CBS4's cameras caught him venting, telling two officials: " If I don't call timeout we're all (explicit). Now I'm getting fired."

Ouch. Safe to assume, then, that Sparano is aware that his job isn't safe. It's hard not to feelĀ for the guy while reading that. If I was the official, I'd have probably reviewed the play out of pure pity. "All right, man, we'll review it, just ... don't cry, OK?"

Here's the play in question:

A video or other embedded content has been hidden. Click here to view it.

Sparano has indeed survived, despite his extraordinary efforts on Sunday to help build Tim Tebow's(notes) cult of personality. If he hasn't gotten the axe yet, my guess is that he's not going to. It's hard to imagine things getting more embarrassing for the Dolphins than they are right now, so if he can survive this, he'll probably survive everything else. The Dolphins have already had their bye week, too, so there's no convenient time coming for a switch in head coaches.

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