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Since there's not much else happening today, let's take a second to indulge the "Michael Vick broke no rules or laws by consuming vodka" non-story that's making the rounds.

The New York Post mentioned in passing that Vick, after his first practice as an Eagle, stopped at a bar and had a Grey Goose and pineapple juice. Some thought it might be a violation of the terms of his conditional reinstatement. It wasn't. And there's your story.

Tony Dungy added a little bit to it when, according to SI's Peter King, he told Vick that he "can't do that." Dungy didn't mean that Vick is prohibited from consuming alcohol by the terms of his probation or by the NFL, he just meant that when Vick is in public, he doesn't have to be just clean, he has to be squeaky clean. Mr. Rogers clean. Nun clean.

And at the end of the day, whether or not you're in the "There's nothing wrong with Vick having a drink!" camp, Dungy's advice is probably solid. Why even mess with it? If you've gotta have a drink, drink at home, where no one's going to see you and say, "Look, Michael Vick(notes) is getting all boozed up!" It's not worth whatever risk is there. When he's in the public eye, Vick should have on his good-boy pants at all times.

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