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Punching people is still against the rules in the NFL, right? Yeah, I thought so. That makes this violent act by Tommie Harris(notes) even dumber, and it's kind of hard to top the stupidity of punching someone in their football helmet. Knuckle vs. Helmet = Bad news for the knuckle. Observe Chicago Bears defensive lineman Tommie Harris.

Harris wasn't around to talk about it after the game, and I haven't seen any quotes from punchee Deuce Lutui(notes), either. Motive on this thing is a mystery, but there are very few things that would even come close to justifying a punch like that.

He selfishly screws his team out of 15 yards, as well as his services for the rest of the game. I'm pretty sure a league suspension will keep him out of the lineup for at least a couple more games on top of that. Harris' piggy bank is going to feel the pain, too.

It's not even crazy to think that that punch could be Harris' last act as a Chicago Bear. He also seems to have some difficulties showing up for practice, and the great Charles Robinson already speculated that Harris was likely to be done as a Bear after this year anyway.

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